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When you have finished shopping, click the basket icon to view your selection. Choose your delivery preference and proceed to checkout. Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal , cheque, direct to our bank, or bank transfer. An email will be sent to confirm your order.

We are also happy to take your order by telephone, just call or fax us on: +33(0)450 740 297

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Every piece of Shona Carnegie Jewellery is guaranteed for 6 months, from the date of the original purchase. This means that we guarantee to replace or repair your jewellery should there be a defect due to original workmanship.

Please see our care page for advice on how to care for your jewellery.

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  • The best way to gain an accurate ring size is to ask at a local jewellers shop. We usually take sizes using wedding ring sizers (around 6mm wide) as many of our rings are 4-8 mm wide. Please take this from a central measurement (i.e. the centre of the ring when on the finger or sizing stick). This is more accurate for all ring widths.
  • Please remember not to take ring sizes when your fingers are either very hot or cold
  • Please note that the spinning rings cannot be resized due to their moving inner sections. If the ring is stretched it may stop the inner sections spinning.If a spinning ring requires to be reduced in size it is as much work as re-making a new ring. If purchasing a spinning ring as a surprise there can be no refund if the size is wrong so please be accurate with your sizing.

pendants and necklaces

There are 3 standard pendant options:

  • 16-inch and 18-inch snake chain and a 16-inch pliable neck let which sits beautifully with the line of the neck.
  • Chokers are 38cm long and designed to sit close to the neck.
  • On request the above sizes can be altered to suit, sometimes, with additional cost. Please enquire.

bangles / bracelets & wraps

  • Bangle 6.5cm diameter
  • Bracelet 20cm long
  • Wraps 120cm long

On request the above sizes can be altered to suit, sometimes with additional cost. Please enquire.

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care & cleaning

Silver items tarnish - this may be accelerated by the acidity of the wearers skin, perfume or cosmetic products.

Oxidisation and gold plate are surface treatments; do not dip or rub with an abrasive cleaner. Please read manufacturers instructions to ensure cleaning products are suitable.

Silver dip can be used for cleaning most pieces (unless parts are plated /oxidized) however, please note they should be thouroghly rinsed in warm, slightly soapy water and rinsed in running water until you are sure there are no traces of the solution left. If not, the silver may tarnish quicker.

Stubborn build up can be removed by means of a professional jeweller.

When jewellery is worn, its surfaces undergo changes- polished surfaces tend to matt and matt surfaces eventually become shinier.

You should always remove your jewellery when doing manual work

neck lets and snake chains

Care should be taken to keep any chains and neck lets straight and not to bend. Once these are kinked they are in danger of breaking.


Spinning rings are more likely to attract dirt and soap as well as a build-up of perfume and chemicals.

Rings can be brushed with warm soapy water and a soft cloth to dislodge any soap/ chemical build-up. A professional jeweller may remove stubborn build-up. From time to time this is recommended for your diamond jewellery.

Rings and other pieces of jewellery may be reworked and renovated but this can, on occasion, be costly.


Care should be taken to prevent your jewellery being damaged. Do not mix jewellery up together as this results in scratching and damaged chains

If possible, store jewellery in the packaging you received it in or wrapped in acid free tissue paper, separately in boxes.

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ethical diamonds and metals

When buying diamond jewellery from us, you can be assured that to the best of our knowledge all diamonds sourced by our suppliers are supplied by diamond merchants who support ethical mining .The same applies for silver and gold.


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